How to fix “Download Pending” issue in Google Play Store?

An unbelievable number of customers reported a problem with downloading Google Play applications. If you try to download something, the customer says “download pending,” to be progressively explicit. Of course, if the message is real, it won’t be much. That is to say, you will really be able to download the application referred to. Unfortunately, in the case of no downloads in advance, the pending error may occur.

How to fix "Download Pending" issueContinuous changes in the Google Play Store have influenced the way customers monitor download requests. Numerous downloads could be done simultaneously in the early form. Currently only one Play Store in turn requires. This is the reason why the error message emerges. Available only for download are various applications pending. There’s nevertheless a simple way to fix the problem. We’re going to show it below.

First of all, the download line must be clear to ensure that no impedances exist. Go to the Play Store and swipe from the right corner of the screen. Choose the alternative of “My Apps and Fun.” When taping the application, you can use the X capture to clear the download line. The application is downloaded.


Some customers can find out how to solve the problem according to the guidance above. If you don’t have to explore your Settings menu, go to the Play Store at this point. Choose Clear and Clear Data capabilities in the Play Store page. You only delete information from the Play Store by doing so. You should therefore not stress the loss of essential papers. If you use Marshmallow or later Android variants, select ‘Capacity’ and, from this page, clear the reserve and information.

errorIf you’re not lucky, you have to use Force Stop Google Play regardless of whether you have difficulty downloading an app. To do this, follow the ways:

If you’re not lucky, you have to use Force Stop Google Play regardless of whether you have difficulty downloading an app. To do this, follow the ways:

You will dispose of the problem in not too distant future, following all the above guidelines. If the problem reappears, these means can usually be reassessed in general.

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