“App could not be downloaded due to an error 497” while updating apps in Google Play Store

The Google Play Store is the most widely used Android mobile app available. In general, it is introduced to the gadget from now on and the work with it can be started immediately. Nevertheless, since the snapshot of creating a mechanical assembly, the application being set up, the agreement and, consequently, the use of the contraction began, the specific time slips, at which time Google figures out how the refreshed versions of this application can be unloaded. The problems may develop due to the use of the obsolete Google Play adaptation, which are related with the refreshing of the applications from the Store, and one of these issues is the Error 497.

The error 497 mostly occurs in an attempt to refresh the application that was introduced through the WiFi convention. The message rises on the screen of the gadget, “Doesn’t download an application due to an Error 497.” This mistake is part of efforts to refresh major apps such as the WhatsApp or Facebook from the Google Play Store. We are quick to calm the upbeat owners of the leading mobile phones: you can’t experience this circumstance all by yourself. In all cases, the budgetary models are unhelpful.

What are the methods for correcting the Android 497 error??

Method 1: Clearing the Google Play Store cache and data.

  1. Walk through the Settings – Apps;

2. Choose “All” and locate the Google Play Shop.
3. Press the button ‘ Remove cache ‘ and ‘ Remove data 
4. Conduct the Google Services and Download Manager analog sequence of the actions.

That’s all that should be done. Currently, the issue should be resolved to refresh the application. In any case, if the “Application couldn’t be downloaded due to Error 497” message is visible again on your screen, please follow the suggestions below.

Method 2: Removal of Updated Play Store

1. Walk through the Settings – Apps;

2. Choose “all” and locate the Google Play Store ;

3. The “Delete updates” option will be displayed there. Choose it.
Right now restart your phone and make sure the problem is resolved. The deception again? Again? Try not to get disappointed, alternative techniques are also available so that Error 497 is disposed of.
Method 3: The application is re – installed.
If the above arrangements are not helpful, you should reinstall the Error 497 remediation application. (“Error 497 could not download the app”) In all cases, remember that this strategy suggests that application information (for example, progress in the diversion) is devastated.
In order to reinstall the app, walk to the segment “Einstellungen”-“Anwendungen”-“All,” and select the app that should be refreshed. Push onto the catch “Erase.” At the point when the cancelation strategy is complete, go to Google Play and reinstall the app. Right now, the revised form is naturally presented, and the Error 497 will only be ignored. In the event that the problem continues to develop for the other programming, even after re-installation, try to identify the problem, using the strategy below.
Method #4: The root privileges of the owner for the Android smartphones.
If you happen to have experienced the Error 497 on Android phones, for which the superuser is benefited, then delete the first APK and reinstall the Play Store app. To do this, go with the Root Explorer or another comparative application to the root registry of your gadget. Currently, enter the catalog of’ /System / Application’ and push the “Mount R / W,” to make the cancelation happen. (The GoogleSearch.apk document can be strengthened by renaming it to the GoogleSearch.apk.backup record). After the cancellation of the APK, it ought to be introduced again from the Google Play.
The alternative: the use for applications of any other market.
If none of the above-mentioned strategies resolved the issue of Error 497, the main strategy, specifically to utilize a different market for the Android application, remains in place at this time.
You can then ask them in your remarks if you have any queries regarding the data that were described above. If you also tell us your own techniques for the purposes of the issue which relate to Error 497, we will be grateful.

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